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Cross Post for Aby, an approximately 5 y/o female Weimaraner. 

Aby was rescued from Mexico by Pacific Rim a few months ago; she was in a makeshift outdoor cage with another Weimaraner.  The dogs were starving, dehydrated and saved just in time. The ugliness of Aby’s first 5 years of life goes on and on and is no longer important.

Today, Aby is a happy, sweet and loving girl in need of an immediate foster or better yet, forever home! 

This girl is so special, there are three rescues trying to find a forever home for her!  Pacific Rim Rescue who rescued her and remains her ultimate guardian, Wonder Weims in Missouri, and OWR.  

There are so many dogs available for foster and adoption all over, we are working together for Aby. 

OWR knows Aby’s story well as we rehomed the Weimaraner with whom Aby was rescued, Stella. Stella is thriving in her forever home so we have a very good idea of what kind of home will work for Aby!  

Aby's ideal home will be quiet, predictable, and all about routine. She cannot live with cats (she has a natural prey drive), nor children due to the randomness of their moves and noises.  

Aby has been living in a home with other dogs and a well known trainer for a couple of months.  She has learned what it’s like to be a normal dog in a loving home and most importantly, that people are not always bad!  And, Aby LOVES people!  She likes to snuggle, sleep on her person’s bed, and to be near them all the time. She is your typical Weimaraner.  

Aby has also learned that other dogs will always not try to harm her.  She lives with several other dogs and they do well together.  That being said, Aby would enjoy being an only dog and getting all the love and attention - she does not require a dog companion. 

Aby has only been out of danger in and loving hands for a few months, and while she has learned a lot about trusting humans and dogs, she needs a person who understands that she needs time, love, attention, and a lot of positive reinforcement.

She is still a work in progress when on leash when she comes upon a stranger or another dog, but she has learned to listen to her leader who assures her she is not in danger and she immediately “resets”. 

Aby does not require long vigorous hikes and such, in fact given she grew up in a small space with no exercise, she does better with long walks or off leash excursions at her own pace. She will not be your jogging or advanced hiking partner but enjoys getting out on long walks! 

Aby is spayed, microchipped, current on vaccines, house trained and on a very healthy raw diet - her coat is gorgeous! (Our pictures do not do her justice). She is missing teeth and some were ground down in her prior life but her vet gave her a clean bill of health. 

Please let us know if you are interested in fostering or adopting Aby!  She is simply lovely, deserving and the reason we rescue. ❤️

We will work with you and Pacific Rim. Please send an email to

Here are links to Pacific Rim’s and Wonder Weim’s bios for Aby as well:  

Wonder Weims:

Pacific Rim Rescue:
(scroll down until you see a Weimaraner ;)





DOGS:  Yes - Please see bio

CURRENT LOCATION: Canada (transport will be arranged for a meet and greet in the US!) 


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