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Meet Ash!  This handsome fella is a Weimaraner mix and about 3 yrs old.  He is a wonderful combination of sweet and snuggly and ready to get out and have fun!  He loves playing with high energy dogs and is ready to find his longtime companions - human and canine!

Ash spent some time in our trainer's home so she could assess how he is with other dogs (fantastic it turns out, after a proper and slow introduction!).  Our trainer said many times "Ash is a really good dog!" and she would have kept him if she could have.  ❤️ 

Ash's training has continued in his foster home where he is learning house rules and obedience commands. He is a big fan of human interaction and enjoys the mental stimulation!  He is a smart and energetic boy and that brain is always at work.  We are looking for a home committed to continuing his training with patience and consistency. He is very treat motivated and LOVES hearing "good goy"!

If you are ready for an adventure, Ash is too! He loves riding in the car and can be found waiting by it, hopeful his person is ready to go for a ride.  He has learned recall with an e-collar tone and loves nothing more than running free in open space!  He could spend hours playing with a dog buddy in the yard too; an equally submissive dog with
whom he can play, nap, eat, play, nap, eat would be wonderful.

When on trails, Ash is learning that people and dogs approaching means he can practice his sit/stay and get a treat!  He is less sure of the encounter when on leash.  He is not always sure if these strangers are friendly or not, no doubt due to what we believe was a secluded and lonely life before before joining the OWR family.  

As far as kids go, we do not know his history with them but when he sees them it's clear they make him nervous; it’s as though he does not know what they
are, plus he is a bit too high energy for youngsters. 

Ash could be okay with a cat but we cannot say for sure; it would likely depend on the cat and the introduction. He is alert when he sees wildlife in the distance, but was surprisingly calm when he met chickens who were in a pen. 

Ash is ready and so deserving of a forever home where he will enjoy getting out for hikes, walks, runs, playing with his dog toys, running through his obedience commands... whatever your fancy, he'll love it!  

Ash is neutered, current on vaccines, microchipped, e-collar trained and crate trained for riding in the car (he's not a big fan of being crated otherwise).   

If you are interested in adopting Ash please fill out an application.



CATS:  Unknown

DOGS:  Yes 



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