Join us at our Winter 2021 auction where you can shop by bidding on many wonderful items for you and your dog! 

*** All proceeds will go toward assisting Weimaraners who need us in 2021. *** 

To Join the Auction FaceBook Group, follow the link below and click "Join". 

OWR Winter Auction 2021

Bidding begins January 16th at 12:00 a.m. (PST).  We hope you will join us! 


Thank you for your support.   ❤️

Are you interested in donating an item for the auction?  

How Donations Work:   

  • You tell us what you’d like to donate (see sample list of items below).
    Please notify us no later than January 10, 2021. 


  • You send us a photo of the item.  

  • You tell us what the opening bid amount should be.  Not sure?  We will come up with one for you.

  • You tell us the estimated shipping cost to send the item (this information is included in the item’s description as part of the total cost to the winner). 

  • You hold on to the item until the end of the auction. 

  • When the auction ends, we provide you with the name/address of the winner to whom you will mail the item.

    Note:  We can reimburse the shipping cost, just let us know the estimated amount of shipping ahead of time, and then send us a copy of your receipt after shipment (tax man wants a paper trail).  

That’s it!  

Watching your item get action in the auction is fun, and you might find a couple things to bid on too! 

If you’d like to donate an item(s), please either fill out the form linked below, or send an email  with the details. 

Auction Donation Form

Details if Sending an Email:  

  • Provide description of the item(s) you are donating.

  • Attach good quality photo(s) of the item(s).

  • Opening bid amount. 

  • Estimated Shipping

  • Let us know if you would like shipping reimbursed and/or a donation receipt. 

  • Give us the best/preferred way to contact you. 

Items Suggestions:   
Anything that has a Weimaraner on it - stationery, pillow covers, pictures, coffee mugs, wine glasses, dish towels - anything with a Weim!  

But also very popular are dog supplies (halters, leashes, gentle leaders, grooming supplies … anything you have found useful!).  In fact, anything you find useful in the home that is not dog related can be popular too. 

Also, gift cards, commissioned art or woodwork, jewelry ...  The list is endless!

Items that are costly to ship to due size or weight are not ideal (e.g., dog ramp, dog crate, heavy household items). 

Another way to Donate:  Contact your favorite vendor (dog supply store, artist, etc. and ask them to donate an item.  They can send the item directly to the winner just as you would but you would be our contact. Let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you for helping us make this auction a success in 2021!  

Your Friends at OWR