Axel is a gorgeous and healthy 18 month old male neutered Weimaraner weighing 65# who is up to date on all of his vaccines, microchipped, incredibly intelligent and is searching for his perfect forever home. First things first, Axel was an unclaimed stray, so we do not have an extensive, or even short, back story and are instead left with what we have witnessed. What we know for certain is that he loves loves loves people and he didn’t even mind going with his foster dad to the vets office for a once-over, which is always a welcomed surprise.


In his foster home Axel has shown himself to be housebroken (he figured out the doggie door no problem), a counter surfer (unsurprising as he was very underweight when he entered the shelter so he has some food insecurity), eager to please and an intelligent boy who is a quick learner that responds very well to treats large and small alike. Axel is very affectionate and comfortable with all of the people he has met (no interactions to date with children) and has presented with no signs of separation anxiety or inappropriate destructive chewing of any kind. The only item of significance is that Axel is uncomfortable with other dogs, there is a bit of a story here but suffice it to say he will need to be an only dog in his adoptive home at this time. We believe wholeheartedly that he will be transformed into a dog who is secure with other dogs, but he simply is not at this time. Axel is still a very young boy and so socialization/worldly experiences are going to be very important in shaping his behaviors (just today we discovered that he is rather afraid of traffic when walking on the sidewalk so....more walks near traffic for him). Appropriate bonding with his new owner(s) through the process of tailoring his obedience training will be the key initial steps that lead into structured socialization with other dogs.

Other bits of info:

  • Axel takes treats very gently from the hand

  • He rides well in vehicles

  • He is taking to the wire crate without much fuss

  • Sleeps through the night without issue on his dog bed

If you are looking for a real treat of a Weimaraner and believe you have what Axel needs, please submit an application below.

UPDATE 11/12:

Axel is doing awesome in his foster home and is a total love of a dog who is a big friendly hit with everyone he meets in his travels to the local trails and the Home Depot. In the home Axel lets himself out through the dog door when needed, sleeps on his bed when left alone and has not chewed anything inappropriate. Axel has taken to loading into dads truck without prompting and loves a good road trip. Other notes are that he does not care about squirrels, shows very little interest in birds, takes baths without hassle, almost never barks at anything and has gotten comfortable enough being near-ish to the neighbors little yappy dog that it no longer elicits a response from him.

CHILDREN: 7+ preferred


DOGS: Not at this time



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