Barry is a very loving, active 5 y/o male Weimaraner who is looking for a certain kind of forever home.  

Barry has been living with his second family and loving life for the last year. They have two young girls (ages 5 - 7) whom he adores and their Mom works from home so Barry is rarely alone. Barry also lives with a senior-age female Weimaraner with whom he has bonded; she is slowing way down as she approaches age 14 and Barry’s concern for her is apparent (he often naps next to her on her dog bed rather than his own).

Unfortunately, in the last few months Barry has become increasingly protective of his family when he is in the front yard.  He is not comfortable with strangers walking in the street toward the house, nor in their driveway when he and the girls are outside.  


While it might seem an easy fix for his family to just not allow Barry to go out front without a leash, the reality is children sometimes forget to close doors and gates, and their friends might not even realize Barry is following them to the front yard - he follows everyone everywhere! 


Barry is otherwise welcoming of strangers in his home, children and adults alike.  He loves people and will “sit - stay” behind the door while Mom is greeting a friend or taking a package from a delivery person.  Should the visitor enter the house, Barry is all tail wags.  


We believe Barry can live a wonderful, full life where he and those around him are safe, if he is in just the right home, so we want to give him a chance. Such a home will have:  

  • Secure, fenced yard.

  • Weimaraner experience and good leadership skills.

  • No children.  Older kids who are responsible about keeping doors and gates closed are a possibility.  Young children who visit would be wonderful as he truly loves children. 

  • Compassion and a willingness to work with Barry so he understands you, his new person is going to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and protect the home so he does not have to - “We’ve got this Barry, you can sit back and enjoy your life.”   

  • A dog companion would be really nice for Barry but is not a requirement.  

Barry’s behavior is not uncommon for a Weimaraner who started his life in a home with no Weimaraner experience and little time for learning how to become a good leader.  The family loved him but had no idea the commitment necessary to raise Barry as a confident, secure, and well socialized Weimaraner.  By age 4 they realized their home was not the best for Barry. 

His current home has Weimaraner experience and they’ve done wonders to improve Barry’s confidence and training him in obedience.  And as he moves to his new home, his training and growth as a confident Weimaraner will need to continue.    

Very quickly, Barry learned that the chickens and outdoor cats are friends not prey. He has become more comfortable on car rides whereas they used to make him very nervous.  Barry walks good on leash when he is alone, but will pull some when walking with another dog. And, Barry is crate trained and will wait quietly for several hours for his people to return.  

For exercise, Barry loves, loves, loves chasing his ball! He would play “Chuck it” all day long if he could.  He really enjoys running and would be a wonderful jogging partner.  To relax, Barry enjoys snuggling with his people and his dog companion. .


Barry’s owner cannot think of anything negative to say about him other than his over zealous need to protect the property.  He is loving, smart and wants to be (and is) a good boy! 

If your home and lifestyle meet Barry's needs, please fill out an adoption application.  






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