I'm a happy, healthy, 65#, neutered 9 year old Weimaraner/Labrador Retriever mix looking for a new home to call my own. Being the sweet and well behaved boy that I am it should be no surprise that I have excellent manners roaming the home or in my crate, respond well to my commands (sit, come, down, stay, no, shake), love cats and people (though I have little to no experience with children) and get along fine with chickens! Like a lot of city dogs, I'm not fond of fireworks, gunshots or the like. I do attend dog parks and my wariness about other large dogs is waning but I still prefer smaller dogs and those who don't want to be up in my face all of the time (see note on dog(s) at bottom of page). A couple of my favorite things are car rides with a fresh breeze in my face, lounging on the couch with my people and going for leashed walks about town.


Edited owner's note:  

My family got Bozak from a rescue shelter in 2012, he was about 11 months at the time. For the next 7 years, he had a huge yard (with pet chickens and ducks.) And a big family by his side, Bozak always had someone home to keep him occupied. He was a very happy, content dog, and did excellent interacting with others. When Bozak was about 8 years old, life changed dramatically and the two of us moved into a studio apartment. Weimaraner's are not apartment dogs. He came from having a big home with a yard and constant company, to a confined studio apartment where he was left alone for about 8-10 hours a day. Since that life change Bozak hasn’t been himself and my home/work life is unlikely to change anytime soon so it’s time to find him a home who can give him the attention, love and care that he deserves.


Bozak is 9 years old now, and listens to basic commands like: sit, come, down, stay, no, shake. He's a good and loving dog. He loves to snuggle and nap, run and go on walks, do tricks for treat. He's the perfect dog for an experienced dog owner willing to do the time and effort it takes to house a weimaraner. Bozak does not have destructive behavior; like digging in the yard, or chewing on things that aren't his. Although he does need a fenced yard or remain leashed when he's outside, he loves to play "chase me."

If Bozak seems like a potential fit for your life, please submit an application below for our review.

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CHILDREN:  Older preferred (no exp with kids)

CATS:  Yes (lives with two)

DOGS:  Yes (must be friendly and could be a deal breaker as he can be wary and afraid of large dogs. Meet and greet will be key.



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