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Abby & Duke

As some of you may be aware from a post on Facebook about Ginger (elderly Vizsla), we were recently contacted by a longtime breeder who has fallen on hard times and asked about taking in two of his male Weims. When we went to the property to meet the two originally discussed, we discovered there were more dogs on site, a few of which the breeder was eager to accept assistance with in re-homing. So here we are today 8/25. We have Ginger the 11/12 year old Vizsla in a hospice type foster home and a male Weim named Henry in another foster home. Remaining to be adopted/fostered we have purebred Weimaraner siblings Abby and Duke (never bred together). This particular breeder focused on furthering the traits of good family dogs, not hunting etc and based upon our interactions with his dogs, this has been achieved as they are all remarkably chill and friendly. Histories for all of the dogs listed here and any others we may get in the future are going to be very similar and quite brief because there isn't much documentation or experience to share as everyone was a breeder. We will not be sharing any details about the breeder because it is not important beyond that he loves his dogs and he asked us for help so here we go:


ABBY: Is a 9 year old intact female Weimaraner who has no vet history, no vaccines and has spent her entire life on this singular property as a breeding female. She has lived inside the house alongside several other female and male dogs (males only when no females are in season). Our assessment of Abby was that she was obviously good with other dogs, very friendly and eager for attention, slightly overweight (everyone is free fed), had clean ears, good visible teeth, was quite tolerant of being poked and prodded at by two complete strangers. She at some time had ear hematomas that went untreated so she has crinkle ear on both sides but it is not severe and doesn't pose any real issue moving forward. We presume she is housetrained given the condition of the home she was living in. She has a reserved demeanor and would likely be fine around most dog savvy children. Abby will thrive just about anywhere as she has tolerated and managed a life of constant puppy prodding. 

DUKE: Is a 9 year old intact male Weimaraner who has no vet history, no vaccines and has spent his entire life on this singular property as a stud dog living in a separate outdoor kennel space. As a lifelong stud dog, and out of an abundance of caution on his owner's part, he has had little to no direct interaction with other male dogs but he is allowed to be out and about with a pack of female dogs to roam the rural property when they are not in season. Duke was vocal when we approached his fenced kennel area (his home) but once we got close he quieted down and once he was allowed free (and we coaxed him over to us) he was quite friendly though a bit unsure about who we were and why we were there. We easily saw the sweetness in Duke but he has led an interesting life and living indoors may or may not suit his tastes at this time... Children, he has met them under the watchful eye of his owner but is not a dog I would immediately trust around non teens+ for extended periods simply because of his upbringing. He seemed to be healthy and of a good weight. Clean ears, short nails and the teeth we could see appeared in good order. If you asked me to describe an ideal home for Duke I would say: Retired person(s) with some breed experience, fenced property, an older large breed female dog or no dog at all. Duke is not a wild stud dog who needs to be tamed, in fact when you meet him you can immediately see the gentle dog that he is and that he has been loved by his owner in his own unique way. Duke will make an excellent companion for someone who wants to lead a quiet life.


*Duke should be entirely crate trained due to his current living situation (the other male currently in foster certainly is).

OTHER: We are not looking to adopt Duke and Abby together. If we are able to line up suitable adopters or foster homes to move them out of their current environment (short of Garrett taking them in one by one and spreading this over many weeks), we will coordinate with those individuals to get both dogs vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. 


Ginger: Our 11/12 year old hospice Vizsla has several longterm hospice foster options available to her. She has been to an initial vetting where we received some antibiotics for a small sore, low dose carprofen for aches/pains and a senior blood panel which looks quite good. To be done we still need core vaccines but must wait until the course of antibiotics completes.

Henry: Male Weim currently in a foster who may well be adopting him. He has been microchipped and had a first DAPP vaccine administered. At his upcoming vet appointment he will receive a rabies vaccine, heartworm test and pre-neuter bloodwork.

DONATIONS: Taking on 4 intact dogs with zero prior vetting is an expensive endeavor and we could easily spend $1000 per dog before everyone gets all of their core vaccines, heartworm tests, microchips, bloodwork and spay/neuter surgeries. If you can make a tax deductible donation to support our charity, we would certainly be appreciative.


If you have the availability and time commitment to potentially foster Duke or Abby while we get them through their vetting, please visit our 'Volunteer' page and submit a waiver before sending an email to expressing your desire to foster Abby or Duke


CHILDREN:  See individual notes

CATS:  Assume incompatible

DOGS:  See individual notes



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