Bruno and Remi

Meet Bruno and Remi! 

These boys are wonderful!  Bruno and Remi met three years ago and are very attached, so much so that we are looking for a home where they can stay together. 

Bruno is a 5 y/o blue Weimaraner who weighs about 80lbs., and Remi is a 5 y/o presumed to be mix of Doberman, Rottweiler and Hound who weighs about 70lbs. They are neutered, current on vaccines, microchipped and heartworm negative. Bruno has a long tail and they both have their dewclaws.

The need for a new home came about due to divorce and relocation overseas. While Bruno and Remi lived outdoors and slept in a dog house at night, we believe they were shown love and given attention whenever the kids played outside. We are sad they lost the people they knew as theirs, but excited about finding them a forever home where they can live indoors and enjoy a pampered life. 

Bruno and Remi moved into their foster home two days after Christmas and this is what we know about them so far:

They rarely bark unless they sense something is amiss.     

Both boys like playing with playful dogs. The minute Bruno and Remi arrived at their foster home and met Buck, the resident ready-to-play 4 y/o male Weimaraner, the three ran and chased each other in fun.  They also like small dogs!  The neighbor's dog dug under the fence, and the boys' foster mom came home to three big dogs playing with a Chihuahua in her yard! ❤

Bruno and Remi also adore children (infants and up), and love being around people. Bruno will happily lay at your feet and Remi is experimenting with getting on the couch. Remi is a cuddle bug and a little more outgoing than Bruno, but Bruno is a sweetheart and opening up more and more each day.  

They are really good car travelers. The volunteer who transported them could not get over how easy it was to put two dogs in a strange car with a strange person and drive for 2.5 hours. They were friendly and willing passengers. 

Remi is learning how to use indoor stairs for the first time and they both learned how to use the dog door in a couple of hours. They need to work on leash training; Bruno pulls more than Remi.

Per their prior owner, Remi is crate trained and Bruno is not. But they can be left in the house with access to the yard while their person is at work and they behave (just don’t leave any food out!) 

They both seem unfamiliar with basic commands, but are eager to please, treat motivated and smart, so training will be a fun process (their foster mom is giving them a jump start!)

Update 1/9/20:  We tested the boys around cats while on leash and neither reacted in any way.  When one of the cats ran, Bruno and Remi looked up and watched but did not get excited nor pull on leash.  So they might be compatible with cats in the home.  We do not know about small farm animals as the owner said they’ve never been around them. 

While we’ve only known these two a short time, we can’t say enough great things about them!  They will make wonderful companions for just about anyone with a fenced yard and time to give them the attention and exercise they need.    

If you are interested in living with this adorable pair, please fill out an adoption application. 


CATS:  Possible

DOGS: Yes 



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