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Buck is a very handsome 4 y/o Weimaraner. He is a typical active Weim who enjoys attention, exercise and taking power naps. 

He also LOVES to play “double” fetch! You must have two balls and a Chuck It. You throw, he retrieves, and you make sure he drops that first ball before you chuck the second ball or you’re the one “fetching”.  He will happily chase those balls until he’s ready to drop.  

Being with people is important to Buck; he will do anything you are doing and follow you everywhere (close the bathroom door)! He is also a lap dog; if he can’t be next to you he’s happy to be on top of you. 

Buck loves ALL people including the little ones! He sometimes forgets his manners and will jump on people, big or small so older kids are recommended in the home. 

Car rides are fun for Buck. He is quite the backseat driver and will alert you when a leaf falls in front of the car “Look Out! (Woof Woof!)”. He is a communicator and has the most wonderful, deep bark which he'll use to tell you he needs to go outside to do his business, and to let you know people are approaching the home. Once Buck is told the people are okay, he quiets down and greets them as though they were best of friends. 

Buck is good with dogs after a proper greeting (rather than letting the new dog run up to Buck to introduce himself ;). As far as cats go, he is keen on chasing them and to our knowledge, he has never lived with one.

Buck will enjoy having a dog companion, especially to keep him company when his people are not home. A buddy with whom he can chase squirrels and lizards in the backyard would be great fun! He will sometimes get vocal about not sharing his ball with another dog and he might try to convince her to give up the favorite chair, so his best match is an easy going female who is inclined to ignore his occasional drama. 

Buck is a good boy; he sleeps on the recliner at night, knows several basic commands and is crate trained. He needs work with his leash manners as he tends to pull when he sees something he wants to investigate, but has had some e-collar training for recall and responds well to a tone (comes right back to your side).

If you are experienced with this breed or similar, and would enjoy this sweet boy's love and devotion, please submit an adoption application.    




DOGS:  Yes



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