If you are interested in fostering Charlie, please send an email to and let us know.

Charlie is a wonderfully happy and well dispositioned 5 year old, 90#, microchipped and neutered male Weimaraner looking for a home where someone is either home most of the day or can take him with them. Although Charlie can be crated for short durations, it is far from his favorite activity in the world and he would much prefer to be at your side or in the company of another dog. Although he is a physically large boy, Charlie is quite agile and loves a good explore in nature or the dog park. He also walks well on a leash. Charlie spent one year of his life alongside a kittie so cats are a possibility. A fenced yard in 6' tall fencing is an absolute must as he has shown time and time again that he can and will jump a 4' fence if you leave him behind and he believes you might just be at the front door (when he jumps the fence he typically just goes around front and waits at the door or driveway for you to return...until passersby garner his attention and he goes to say hello before returning to the porch and pine for his owners return).

If this very sweet boy sounds like the perfect addition to your home, please submit an application below


CATS: Possibility




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