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Meet Cinder, a beautiful and healthy 6 year old female purebred Weimaraner weighing in at 75 pounds.  Unfortunately, a series of life changes have resulted in Cinder not living her best and fullest life.  A move from a very large rural property to a home with a tiny yard and no place to run, coupled with moving to a pack of four have left her quite anxious.   The biggest issue at the moment is that she is now spending double digit hours in a crate each day so she is not getting anywhere near the exercise or mental stimulation she deserves to be a happy doggy citizen. Her current "exercise" program is purportedly 3-4 walks a week with maybe 15 mins off leash during each. This is by far the most significant change of lifestyle she needs: exercise with her people!


Cinder LOVES to run, play fetch and cuddle!  When given a command she listens and she absolutely adores adults and teens.  She knows commands to sit, stay, come, heal, off, kennel up, load up.  She is crate and doggy door trained.


Cinder is very tolerant of her youngest canine sibling who is 3 even though he pesters the living daylights out of her, she never gets upset with him. She also gets along perfectly fine with her Weim buddy Ash. The dogs she takes exception with are those who try to dominate her, she is not into that (and who would be?). Negative past experiences with small children tormenting her and dominant dogs attacking her have left poor Cinder wary of both.


Cinder’s perfect day would be to eat, play fetch with a tennis ball for 45 minutes, sleep, play fetch again, eat and hang out on the couch with her people.


***If you are interested in adopting Cinder please fill out an application.

***If you are interested in fostering Cinder, please email with your contact details




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