Super Dash!


This sweet boy turns 11 this month and is one special guy who deserves a forever home before the holidays.  He recently had a positive wellness check including blood work and the vet was impressed how healthy he is given his recent past.    

The Past:  Dash was in his prior owner’s home since he was a puppy and he was raised with older children. He slept with them in their beds - he was loved. But things changed for the family and Dash’s world turned upside down; for about a year he was living in his owner's home alone as they'd moved to a place that did not have a fence.  Then six months ago, they  moved him their mom’s house, which meant living outside full time in a dog run with a heated shed. His family never visited him and he had very little contact with Mom other than for feeding and to remove his dog coat for washing.  Fortunately, Mom became worried about the cold months ahead and reached out to rescue to find him a home where he could live indoors.

Dash is looking for a comfortable, loving, senior-living forever home.  He is the sweetest boy who loves all people he meets! He really wants to do the right thing and is an easy keeper. 

His only limitation is he is not used to being around dogs his size and he does not give off a “hey, let’s get to know each other” vibe.  While his posture appears intense, he is not aggressive, he's just really uncomfortable.  He does better off leash when he can just walk the other way.  Per his prior owner, he had virtually no interaction with dogs his size his whole life (so sad).  So we'd like for him to live where he is not having to worry so much about other dogs running up to him and having to meet new dogs all the time.  What Dash really needs is some exposure to big dogs over time, with his person encouraging him to be calm and ignore them.  Your confidence will give him confidence.  

Dash lived with two Chihuahuas in his original home and they got along well, and he is currently living with an 8lb. Terrier and they do great together. So a confident, smaller dog will make a good companion, and we believe he will do fine with a dog his size if given the chance.  We do not know how he is with cats; he is moderately interested in squirrels. 

Dash is getting out a lot with his foster parents and loving it! He walks to the coffee shop each morning (there is a biscuit waiting for him) and he goes on several walks through the neighborhood. But his favorite activity is going to the beach which includes a ride in the car, another favorite!  His foster parents say he is up for anything!

While Dash needs to stay in shape, he is not a hiking, horseback nor running partner.  Leash walks and off leash adventures at the beach are perfect for him. 

Other great Dash stuff … He is crate trained (he loves his crate), house trained, rarely barks, is not destructive, is good around horses, and is a perfect gentleman in the car. 

Dash weighs about 70lbs., is neutered, microchipped and current on his rabies vaccine.  He has a couple large fatty tumors that for now, are not bothering him.

We love Dash to pieces.  If you want to give a senior dog a loving, supportive home and you are looking for love in return, please consider this boy. A link to the adoption application is below. 



DOGS:  Yes with proper introduction. 



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