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Meet Flint! 

Flint is about 1 year old and is a neutered male Weimaraner mix (perhaps Border Collie given the adorable spots on his chest and soft coat). He LOVES people, kids and dogs. He is high energy and enjoys going on long runs, walks, jumping into trees, and playing with his male Lab buddy. He is all about having fun!   

Flint is a very lucky fella having been rescued several months ago from the streets of Mexico by a loving couple with two dogs, a cat and three horses. Flint was extremely thin when rescued and more than happy to move into a home and receive food and attention on a regular basis. He has been checked by the vet who puts him at close to a year old, and he has been well cared for; he recently reached a good weight to be  neutered.

The couple who found Flint have gotten very attached, but they cannot keep him because he really wants to chase their beloved cat; they’ve worked with him but he is not able to turn the hunting instinct off when the cat is in motion.

Flint is wonderful with the Airedale puppy in the home; he is playful but gentle with him. He plays throughout the day with the Lab housemate and enjoys visiting the horses.

When Flint was taken in, he was already house trained, a natural around kids ages 6 -11, good with other dogs, and very loving with people, so we're sure at one time he was in a home and part of a family.


About Flint’s energy… He is currently living in a rural area surrounded by mountains and he loves to get out and run! He will do best living in a similar setting where he can run off leash (once trained with you in recall), or on leash as a hiking or running partner. He would enjoy visits to a friendly dog park as well. 

We do not expect Flint to be content living in a busy city type of setting and chilling out indoors all day.  Rather he'll need a yard with a 5 foot or taller fence so he can come and go outside and play with a new dog friend - one of his favorite activities!


Flint will need training when walking on leash as he pulls in his enthusiasm to get out and go. He is getting use to riding in a car but initially it made him very nervous (what is this thing!?!). His owner finds he is calmer in the car if not tethered but he is starting to learn about the crate so that might be an option.

Flint enjoys spending time with his people and will snuggle for long naps with you if you are available. And while he would rather be with his people all the time, he is not destructive when left alone in the house with his dog friends. While Flint is a softy and loves all people, he gives a good bark when strangers walk by or approach the house, then stops as soon as his owner tells him there is no danger. 

Flint’s owner has family in Portland, Oregon so he will travel with him to Portland once we have a confirmed foster or adopter for him to go to.  He is current on vaccines and has been on a tick/flea preventative since being rescued.  

If you need a reason to smile and get outdoors, Flint is all about having fun and making people smile!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering this lovable guy, please fill out an adoption application or let us know you are interested in fostering at

CHILDREN: Yes, age 6+
DOGS:  Yes



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