Gorgeous Gauge is a 4 year old 72#, neutered, male, blue weimaraner who is healthy, happy, microchipped and current on all of his vaccines. Gauge is a military family dog and he has enjoyed lots of love, extensive training and tons of exercise (running and joring) up until recently when his dad got called away and mom has found herself very busy caring for their first born over this last year to reliably give Gauge all of the attention and exercise he is accustomed to. To say he is well trained is a bit of an understatement, his list of commands includes: heel, slow down, stop, cross, chair, kennel, living room, out, go potty, leave it, get/bring it, come, let’s go, wait, easy, crate, sit, stay, etc. Well socialized, Gauge likes dogs of all sizes and has proven himself capable of being around chickens and guinea pigs (though this experience was only a short term petsitting situation). Cats are not going to be in his near future, not because he wants to eat or hurt them intentionally, but because he wants to chase and play with them in ways that cats don’t particularly enjoy. Earlier in his life he was crate trained but not in several years so this skill may be a tad bit rusty. Although he is not a huge fan of fireworks, he  could possibly become a decent upland bird hunting dog with some training. His drive is reportedly not overwhelming but he does like to chase birds, has been taken waterfowl hunting and has also successfully retrieved a couple geese.

OWNER STATEMENT: Gauge is a very affectionate companion. You may often find him leaning on your leg or curling up on your feet, providing he can't convince you to hold him. He has stellar manners on the trail and at the dog park. Even off-leash, he sticks pretty close by.  Strangers are quickly charmed by his goofy and friendly demeanor. He is a fun rollerblade-joring buddy, loves lake fishing and is a great long-distance road-tripper.

What we are looking for: Gauge will thrive in a stable environment where a person/people are home a lot and can provide frequent exercise and engagement in outdoor activities which include him. Another dog of similar (ish) size and friendly disposition who he can buddy up with would just make his day, he loves other dogs.


If you think this beauty would make an excellent addition to your pack, please submit an application below


CHILDREN:  4 or older 

CATS:  Preferably no

DOGS:  Yes!



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