Ginger - Update

Ginger has been with her amazing foster family for about four weeks now.  She has settled in quite nicely and it’s clear she is just a big ball of love.  Her foster family has fallen head over heels for her and would love to keep her forever.  However, their extended periods of travel prohibit that.  Her bio has been updated to reflect all that we have learned about her.  

Meet Ginger, an incredible, warm, self-assured, loving dog with the desire to be at your side at all times.   She is a 55 pound, spayed, 12 year old female weimaraner.  Yep, she’s 12 but according to recent bloodwork and updates from her wonderful foster home she is healthy as a horse!  


Ginger is surprisingly athletic for an old gal. She is ready and willing to go anywhere and do anything, as long as it’s with you. She goes on two long walks a day, then sleeps on the couch.   Between walks, she prances around the yard like a puppy and is always excited for a midday dog park romp.  While she enjoys the dog park visits she doesn’t play with other dogs as she may have never had the opportunity to learn how to.  She wants to socialize and has a natural interest in other dogs, but whines when they try to play.


It appears as if she has had some training when she was younger. Ginger doesn’t jump onto people or onto doors. Her foster family reports that she does appear to be mostly deaf. Basic commands may or may not be there but it is hard to tell because her hearing is so poor.  However, she’s a very fast learner and is quickly learning hand signals.  She is visually attentive and will recall using light signals.  She is very quiet and sleeps through most noises, but the one she does hear will get her barking. As with many Weim’s she has been known to counter surf a couple of times when no one is looking.  She knows it is not allowed and will quickly jump down if she sees someone.  Leaving her home alone and free in the house is not an issue.


Ginger is a very people oriented dog who immediately likes everyone she sniffs. She attaches quickly to people.  She has an excellent nose and can tell if strangers are on the property.  She has spent some time with small children in her foster home and did great.   


Ginger would do well in a home with or without another dog.  A calm, well-socialized companion would be best for her. Perhaps they could be her ears!  There is an ornery cat that lives on the property.  She did show some interest at first but quickly backed off when the cat let her know who was boss.  Ginger would do best in a home where she can continue to get plenty of exercise and where someone is home most of the time.  She is a very loving, sweet girl who deserves a calm environment to live out her senior years.  


If you think Ginger would make a great addition to your family please complete an application.



CATS:  Possibly (outdoor cat)

DOGS:  Depends on dog



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