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Hope is a gorgeous 6-9 month old female Weimaraner who is in an Oregon Weimaraner Rescue foster home after having made her way north to us from NorCal Weim Rescue along with her brother Chance (whom we will be posting for adoption in the near future). The duo entered rescue via a supporter who took them in from a dodgy Craigslist person so there is no known history to disclose, everything we know or intuit is from hands on experience (please do not email or message “So what’s her/his story?”). 


Hope has begun her DAPP vaccine series, received her 1 year rabies vaccine, taken a precautionary quad dewormer and had a microchip placed. Despite being woefully underweight, only 46# at her recent vet appointment, she is outwardly healthy with a natural tail, bright white puppy teeth, stunning eyes and healthy skin/coat. Eating and food consumption are non issues and she is currently on a 3 meal a day plan to get her weight and muscle development on track. We have observed that Hope is wire crate trained/accustomed, alerts to go potty, takes treats gently, loves playing with other dogs, enjoys a good dog chew, sleeps through the night and loves human affection. Until she gets comfortable with new people or places she remains reserved but inquisitive. Once she feels secure in an environment or situation she is full on alpha female puppy energy and will go about pawing, pouncing and interacting with every dog around. She is not overly dominant having fallen into the middle of her foster pack but she seems likely to be a pack leader when she finds her forever home and gets settled. She warms quite quickly to kind people but she definitely wants to be sure you are a “good” person before she gets too close or involved. She has met an 8 year old human and it was uneventful, based upon her sweet demeanor we wouldn’t think children are going to be an issue moving forward. No issues with ears or paws being handled. Totally tolerant of foster dad looking in her mouth. Moving forward Hope simply needs consistently good people to allow her to continue to become the awesome dog she is destined to be.

Hope’s forever home needs the following: 1) Kind and understanding owners who are home a lot and will allow her the time and space to acclimate (she is rapidly shedding her shell and we want this to continue) 2) Another dog friend as she has always had a companion 3) A fully fenced yard to prevent any decision to bolt in a moment of insecurity.


If you think this delightful young lady would be an excellent addition to your family, please apply below.


OTHER NOTES: Hope is not afraid of anything we have exposed her to but it is clear she has not been exposed to as many things as one would expect, like stairs or cheddar cheese...don't worry she overcame both lol. She likes to give kisses. Water is consumed by sticking your nose to the bottom of the bowl and opening wide :) She loves rolling and lounging in grass (perhaps a new thing for her). Responds to her name quite well. Rides great in vehicles. We are moving to re-home her now simply because her foster parents are not needing to do anything particularly special to advance her acclimation to "normal" life, she is figuring it out all on her own now that reasonable people are caring for her (which she could just as easily do in her forever home while learning those expectations).


Update 6/22: Hope is doing awesome. She crates easily and has been non destructive when left for shopping etc. She is loving her access to the outdoors and playing with her similarly aged and dispositioned buddy Apothis (as seen in the video). Hope does have a surprisingly deep bark which she uses to alert if someone knocks on the door. She is an absolute glutton for attention. Hope has a good nose which she uses for exploring and we are working on keeping that nose off the counters. Total sweetheart


UPDATE 6/28: We had a potential adopter lined up but an unexpected family emergency forced them to drop out so we are re-opening the application window. Hope is a super playful and energetic foster who is soaking up all of the luxuries of her foster home, namely outdoor exercise and play. She is fully wire crate trained and sleeps through the night without issue. She is enjoying playing with all of the other Weimaraners on site and is always eager to do whatever the pack is doing, be that chasing toys, playing keep away or just running around crashing into or jumping over one another. When she isn't playing she loves to nap in the sun or on your feet under your desk. She doesn't have any problematic or destructive behaviors and her basic training is ongoing as it is with most dogs her age. She definitely loves all of the new people in her orbit and is always excited to greet them when returning from errands etc. Other tidbits: She is a cute smiler. She has a very soft mouth when taking treats.

***Hope is intact at this time and it will be the contractual responsibility of her new owner to have her spayed. While we recommend waiting until at least 1 year of age, the decision as to when to spay will be left up to her adopter except that this must be performed before her estimated 18 month birthday.



CATS:  Yes

DOGS:  Yes



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