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Jack is a 3 year old pure-bred Weimaraner from Mie Prefecture, Japan (relocation brought him to Silverdale WA). Handsome Jack is healthy, neutered, up to date on his vaccines, on a monthly heartworm preventative and microchipped. He currently lives respectfully alongside a cat and teenage children. Previously he spent a month with some friends who had two cats and 3 large breed dogs without issue.

Potty and leash trained. Responds to the following commands: sit, stay, wait, cookie, walk, good boy, no, go to bed, go on, down. Rides well in vehicles. Loves to be tucked in at night. Allowed to free roam the house unattended (though the cat food must be kept put away haha). No aggression or neuroticism of note, this good boy simply needs a home that can give him more exercise than he can get in his current environment. 


He is adorable, soft, and likes lots of companionship and love! He loves to go on walks and play fetch with a frisbee or ball in an open field; a home that can provide those things would be best for such an energetic canine like Jack. While being energetic, he loves to cuddle up with his owner on the couch, a side effect of his undying loyalty and protective nature, and will warm you up on the coldest nights. Jack is mostly a silvery-brown, though grayer around his chest and face. His ears rival the softness of truffula trees, his hazel eyes could soften the sternest person, and it’s honestly surprising how his nose is so cold without freezing solid! Fun to be with and a perfect friend, Jack is fit for anybody with love and commitment for his needs!


If you are interested in being considered for the adoption of Jack, please submit an application below.


CHILDREN:  Yes. Definitely 11+

CATS:  Yes, lives with one.

DOGS:  Yes



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