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The quintessential Weimaraner, Jackson, an absolute showstopper in person, is probably the most perfect dog you will find. Described as a “gentle giant who loves to snuggle” by his foster home, though he is under one year old (by vet's estimate) he acts like a mature dog in a young dog’s body and his favorite things are snuggling with his person (or people), chasing small game in the fields (he loves to run fast!), and keeping his active mind busy. He is extremely eager and responsive to training and you will see results very quickly. Jackson is very well-mannered at home with no marking, no peeing, no scratching, no chewing – none of the bad habits that other dogs have picked up. He comes housetrained (whines by the door) and responds to: sit, stay, paw and come (or snapping of fingers).


Jax displays all of the typical Weimaraner traits and is very in-tune with his person or people and although he is fine to be left alone, he will cry/whine and he most certainly would prefer to be with his people or a canine buddy because Jackson LOVES other dogs, he wants to be close to them and gets upset if they don't want him around…aka he barks incessantly like he's complaining or tattling on them lol. He plays extremely well with other dogs – from the more aggressive dogs to little puppies with perfect adaptability. He is phenomenal in a car and is super relaxed and not stressed in the least. He has spent some time with four sturdy kids (ranging from newborn to five years old) and had zero issues with hands in his food or various body parts being touched. The only thing to be aware of is his low level separation anxiety, which is probably because he hasn’t found his home yet. If anyone from his pack is missing, he gets very agitated and whines loudly but that is all, just whining. 

Jackson does well on a front leader leash but he is young and does get distracted by squirrels and such, however, he quickly calms and walks beautifully next to you with a little reminder. He is a great running partner and is neither a top dog or a bottom dog, just one who is very happy to spend his life, preferably outdoors, by your side somewhere in the mix 😀 The only thing it seems Jackson will not be is a gundog as he does not like gunshots.


At this time Jackson is roughly 70#, microchipped and current on his vaccines. He is intact so it will be a condition of adoption to have him neutered (we may opt to neuter him soon but it would be preferable to wait until he is closer to 18 months old).


If this exceptional Weimaraner, and the requisite exercise a dog of his age needs, seems like the perfect addition to your life, please submit an application below.

UPDATE 2/28/2024:

-We have a neuter scheduled.

Foster notes:

Jackson is really settling in here. He has become extremely responsive off-leash and will sometimes bark at us to do more treat training with him (currently working on out-of-sight stay).


He is a very sensitive dog - I was having a minor freak out about water quality in my turtle tank and Jackson picked up on my anxiety and started whining. Oh, and he still doesn't like gunshots and will run immediately back to the truck crouching, but yesterday we worked on having fun outside despite gunshots a long way away.


He comes to my Crossfit gym in the mornings and is extremely good about helping people with their workouts! Everyone absolutely loves him because he never marks, never jumps, and is very curious about what we're doing.


It seems his favorite things to do are to chase squeaky balls (and chew them to shreds), lay in the sunshine, and run alongside either a mountain bike or my husband's BMW motorcycle along dirt trails where running is soft on his joints.


He is also a HUGE snuggler and will inch his way from the base of the bed to in between us with his head on our pillows by morning. He falls asleep within seconds, sleeps 10+ hours with no midnight pee breaks, and wakes up the happiest dog in the world.


He barks at loud noises and anything he sees outside but I'm working to get him a little quieter. He'll bark for maybe a minute in the truck but then he'll curl up in the passenger seat and sleep with zero problems - and he doesn't even get into the treat back in the truck door!

I think his ideal home would be a calm home with someone who loves to snuggle, play in the sun and go off-leash mountain biking. He has comparatively low energy for a Weimaraner but he still requires ample off-leash exercise (walking won't do it but running might).

Compared to the other Weimaraners I've owned:

Velcro - 10/10

Separation anxiety - 3/10

Exercise needs - 6/10

Counter surfing - only when no one is around and something VERY tempting is within reach so I'd say 3/10

Marking - never inside

Intelligence and desire to learn - 9/10



CATS:  Yes (lived with one for a bit)

DOGS:  Yes



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