Luke is the new forever best friend you have been looking for! He is a gorgeous and healthy 6 year old neutered male who will be happy running around outside exploring and flushing quail (though never hunted), locating all the best snacks, napping next to you on a bed or couch (or lap if you can swing it) and just generally hanging out with you. At 95 pounds this boy is going to require an owner who knows how to train intelligently, not physically. In terms of training, Luke needs some work on his recall in the heat of the moment when he has honed in on a target like a squirrel or rabbit and has decided to give it his all to acquire a furry forest treat. He is accustomed to a leash and harness when out and about, occasional boarding, living with another large Weimaraner and is extremely friendly towards people as he is very confident that everyone will love him when he marches over to greet them. 


Luke has grown up chasing forest rabbits and so we would not recommend him for a family with any small furry critters (including chihuahua sized dogs just to be safe). Additionally, although he sings along with the coyotes when they wander by at night and never fails to welcome the UPS or FedEx driver, he is not a constant barker and quiets right down once the initial alarm is sounded. Luke is not a kisser except for occasional quickies on the nose when the mood strikes. He is frightened by thunder and fireworks, which send him scurrying to his owner for reassurance. Luke enjoys fetching a stick or ball, knows  


Like all good weims he will fetch a ball or stick until he tires of entertaining his human, knows how to sit and shake (he is very “handsy”), and is definitely a nooker :)


If Luke sounds like the right kind of dog for you, please submit an application below.






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