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Murphy is a mild mannered, happy, eager to please, vaccinated and microchipped 3 year old neutered male Weimaraner who is currently spending some quality time relaxing in an Oregon Weimaraner Rescue foster home living his best life with lots of other Weims and people to hang with. Murph is a sturdy guy who weighs somewhere around 80#s currently but with all of the new exercise he is getting should be in his slightly slimmer swimsuit shape in no time. If there is anything we can say about him it is that he is a super sweet and even keeled dog who loves to be in your presence just in case you feel the need to give him some scratches. 


Murphy rides very well in vehicles (see photo of him napping on his journey to foster). He is potty trained and does great in the house. He has been exposed to a ton of other dogs and has been a rockstar even with the old curmudgeonly and young annoying ones. Crates were not his favorite thing when he arrived in foster, and in all fairness still aren't his favorite thing, but he has come a long way and now sleeps in his wire crate at night with little protest. He has been exposed to, and napped most of the day away, inside a loud shop environment so he is not frightened by loud noises, vacuum cleaners etc as far as we can tell. Murphy was a breeze to bathe and gleefully allowed his ears to be cleaned (not as excited about the ear rinse phase but it happened and he was fine). We have witnessed no food related issues with dogs or people during meal time, even when an exuberant puppy came over and tried to help herself to his dinner. Playing with the other dogs includes running around and fetch, though fetch has been more successful in one on one sessions. Murphy has consistently displayed excellent recall and shown that he may have prior e-collar experience. It was reported by an interim owner that Murph had separation anxiety but our experience has been that if you leave him out in the big fenced yard or in the house with another dog (or two or four lol) while you go grab groceries or dinner, he has been fine and is with the pack ready to greet you when you return. He will whine or pace for a bit if you place him in a separate sequestered area of the yard or lock him in his crate while he can still see/hear you but our experience has been that he calms down and it has been a non issue beyond perhaps a “Murphy, no bark”. Known commands include: come, sit, stay and crate. While not a guarantee of his disposition towards all cats, we did witness a neighbor cat chase Murphy and he retreated back to safety so he is probably fine with the kitties haha. Though he is only 3 years old he has a lowkey energy that leaves him far less active in general than many other young Weims his age. All in all Murphy has been a very easy foster dog to figure out and everyone who has met him loves his calm demeanor and amenable disposition.


Murphy keys to success: Dog savvy owners. One or more existing dogs. Homes where people are around frequently.



CATS: See bio

DOGS:  Yes

VIDEO: Hope (grey), Murphy (harness), Resident



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