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Oka is a 70lb., 1 y/o neutered male Blue Weimaraner.  This very sweet guy is full of life! He loves to play with other dogs and to spend as much time with his people as possible.  He has lots of energy and is looking for an active home to keep him moving! 

Oka loves to run in the yard and play Fetch!  He no doubt would love to run on the beach and in fields, but will need training in recall first.  He also really likes playing chase and wrestling with a dog buddy, so a dog in the home who will not mind being “bothered” to play A LOT would be ideal!

He is somewhat leash trained - very well behaved with a prong collar but pulls a lot with a harness that clips in on the back.  So his adopter will want to do some experimenting with various walking tools to find one that works best for both of you.  

We do not recommend Oka live with children because he is too energetic; he runs fast around the yard and still has a couple of habits not conducive to living with children (he will sometimes jump up to kiss you and might get too excited and help himself to the toy in your hand.  He's gotten so much better about this with the time and effort his foster parents have put in!).  Older kids would be great, especially if they are wanting to help with his training and exercise. Oka is ready for any activity and is treat motivated.

Oka loves everyone and has lived with a cat successfully.  The cat is shy and makes funny noises at him if he makes her nervous and Oka backs off to give her space.  

Oka is crate trained; he is used to sleeping in one at night and rides in one in the car. He came to us not wanting to be in a crate any other time, but slowly he has learned to trust that his foster parents will return in an hour or two.  

In Summary:  Oka needs an active home where his training and exercise will continue.  He has an off switch but it goes back on every couple of hours ;). Oka will do best with a dog companion who equals his energy and desire to play.  Oka is very entertaining and will be a lot of fun for an active person!  He is also  very loving and snuggly and wants to be a part of his people's lives (yes he will follow you from room to room waiting for you to sit down). ❤️

Oka is neutered, current on vaccines and microchipped. 

If you are interested in adopting Oka please submit an adoption application. 


CHILDREN:  Age 15 Plus

CATS:  Yes
DOGS:  Yes



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