Piper is looking for a new forever home.  She is a devoted, loving girl.  She is microchipped and up to date on her vaccines.  The following is from her current owner:


Piper is a nine year old female, lab/Weimaraner mix - looks like a lab, but has all the personality traits of a Weimaraner.  Piper is very high energy and loves to go on walks, hikes and runs.  She is a great trail dog and very good off-leash - she doesn't stray far, checks back in regularly and responds well to a whistle.


Although she has always been in a home with kids, she isn't good with young children any longer.  She currently lives with a cat and pigs and does fine with both.  She is only around other dogs when we go on walks, but I think she would be fine with other dogs once she gets to know them. 


She seems to prefer women, but has also always lived with men too.  Piper is very devoted and would choose one person to devote herself to. She is big, just over 90 lbs, and can get under foot in her anticipation of a walk or out of her devotedness.  She is fine left at home by herself, but not for long stretches - 4 hours is fine, 10 would be too long, as she has trained herself to not eat or drink when she's left alone. 


Piper is a solid alert dog - she tends to only bark for a reason - someone at the door or a car coming up the driveway.  She typically stops within a minute or two.  She loves to sit outside on a nice day and watch the world, or sit in the open door to be both inside and out. 


She does not chew things up, nor does she dig, unless there is a ground-living animal she is chasing. She loves a car ride, but gets very excited along the way. She doesn't love to have her collar grabbed, but does very well if you say, "with me" and put your hand on her head.  She has shown an ability to learn new things and adapt, even at this age.  We get better results by showing her the leash and a pat on the head, rather than trying to force her to do something. 

If you think you could offer Piper a loving home in her senior years please complete an application.  




CATS:  Yes

DOGS:  Yes


Eugene, OR