Adorable Popcorn is a sweet, loving, playful and sensitive 1.5 year old, 68#, spayed Weimaraner/Lab mix looking for a new home. This is an active girl who could greatly benefit from a well adjusted doggie companion to both play with and to provide some modeling/security when encountering new and unfamiliar experiences which may make her nervous. Pops lives with a 14 year old human and has been around children much younger without issue, though children under 5 might find her a bit too much energy as she is still very puppy like and exuberant. 


As with all young dogs, Poppy has some training under her belt but will benefit from continued education and positive reinforcement. Birds of any type are an absolute no go for this gal as she always wins the chicken dinner...the primary reason which has forced her owners to seek a new home as they own chickens. The secondary reason for seeking a new home is that Popcorn loves playing with the cat that she lives with, but she tries to show her affection a little to aggressively for a delicate kitty who does not see her desire to play with, mouth, or pin to the ground and obsessively clean him as a positive interaction :D


Other details:

She barks to alert of things outside such as cars driving by, people walking by, visitors. Likes playing with other dogs and chewing beef knuckle bones. Accustomed to sleeping in the same room with her people. Loves her squeaky toys and running. She likes to show people her toys, but try to take it and you're in for a game of tug. Mouthy in a playful way. Likes to snuggle and to chew on "sticks" otherwise known as firewood. Current owners have never had an issue leaving her home alone, though she is most happy when her people are around and with her.


If Popcorn sounds like your kind of gal, please submit an application below.


CATS: Ideally not

DOGS: Yes!!!



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