Remington is a gorgeous, loving 4 y/o Weimaraner.  He is about 90lbs, neutered, microchipped and current on vaccines.     


Unfortunately, Remington is not adjusting well to a new family member, an infant. His inclination is to snap in the direction of the infant to keep it from coming near. So with a heavy heart his people have decided it is best for everyone, including Remington to find him a new home.   


Remington is full of personality and very sweet & cuddly.  Like all Weimaraners, he is most content when he is with his people (he prefers adults to young kids running and making noise).  He is also happy when he is running, playing fetch, and chasing (even catching) squirrels in the backyard.


Remington’s prey drive is neither super high nor low, but he has one, so we are not sure how he wold do with a cat.  Indoor only is a possibility - a cat running in the yard, probably not. 


This boy has all the youthful energy you would expect from a young Weimaraner. He tends to carry extra worry on his shoulders, so he would really love to get out and exercise every day; be that playing at the beach, running next to his person, going on long hikes, or teaching him agility!  Remington has good recall and likes going on car rides so he is ready to go whenever you are!

Remington currently lives with a Dachshund with whom he’s never bonded, in fact he finds the dog a bit annoying when it moves in on his food and space. So our hope for Remington is to live in a home where his people are home a lot, and if there is a family dog, it be a dog his size who gets along with other dogs with ease. A proper dog introduction prior to adoption is key.   

About a year ago, Remington was sent to a training center for two weeks.  He was fortunate to live with the trainer in his home during this period and he (and his wife) loved Remington!  He was impressed by how quickly Remington responded to new rules and boundaries and how this calmed his nerves which were evident when he arrived.  Remington got along well with their large dogs and learned a lot in a very short period. The trainer’s report with a profile of Remington, recommendations on continued home training, and a list of commands he learned will be provided. 

Remington does not like to be crated. The trainer made good progress in this area so he is trainable, but it will take time. This has not been a problem, as when his people leave him alone he has free range of the house and does fine; he is also used to going in/out to potty via a doggy door.  

In summary, Remington is a young dog who has not had a lot of exposure to a lot of things but has all the potential necessary to learn to accept them.  He will do best in a no-child, no small-dog home, and perhaps a home with an easy going male or dog his size. He really needs human companionship, good leadership (he loves knowing what is expected) and lots of exercise! 


If you might be a good match for this handsome guy, please fill out an adoption application.



DOGS:  Likely okay



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