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Romi is a sweetheart!  At 6 years of age, this long-haired beauty needs a new forever person (or people) who will spend time snuggling, going on adventures and providing stability.  

We’ve learned many great things about Romi since she’s been in foster and has settled in!  
Romi is well trained and likes to please. As she’s gotten to know her foster mom and two Weimaraner foster siblings, she is relaxed and happy.  


Romi is an easy keeper!  She is content to sleep on her dog bed at night and does not counter surf nor chew on things that do not belong to her. And she will pull several toys out of the bin and choose her favorite but never destroys them (Mom puts the toys back, she hasn't learned that trick yet).   

Romi listens well to commands (sit, leave it, down, go, load up), loves riding in the car, and while daily exercise is a must, she is not over the top energetic. Just know that
she might insist you initiate belly rubs, chauffeur her around, hand her treats, and brush dirt from her wisps of hair.   

Romi is crate trained but she does not need to be in one while her people are gone. She is perfectly behaved in the house; just put on some music and she’ll spend the day taking naps and wandering the yard via the dog door. She does enjoy napping in the sunshine and chasing squirrels if you can provide either of those.  


While Romi initially had difficulty reading people (friend or foe?) she is following her foster mom’s lead and is much more trusting of strangers. She tends to be sensitive and insecure in new settings, but she is adaptable. Romi's foster mom believes the daily off-leash runs and providing gentle but consistent direction and giving her time to adjust has made all the difference.  
We’ve learned that Romi likes her furry companions to be easy going if not aloof. Present but not pushy. And as she spends more time with her foster siblings she is less concerned with running the show. In fact during a recent raid of the garbage can during a visit at Grandmas, the three Weims were quite civil about sharing their findings. They were a team! 
When it comes to children, Romi has had little exposure and needs a home without them. Plus, she is most comfortable in a quiet and predictable setting. We call her our country girl as she enjoys the quiet but also loves running free in the country.  


Romi is not compatible with cats, and if she is to live with a small dog, he needs to be much bigger than a cat ;).

Romi is spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. 
If you are interested in Romi, please submit an adoption application.




DOGS:  Yes - an easy-going male.



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