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Meet Sukha! 


Sukha is 1.5 years old, current on vaccines, microchipped and will be neutered while in his foster home before the New Year. He is   handsome yet cute, average height yet petite overall, gentle yet active, shy yet outgoing. He knows what he loves doing, lacks confidence in some areas, yet is willing to learn about new sights, sounds and activities.  He is a good boy who wants to please and listens well when given a command. 

It is in Sukha's nature to love and he soaks up affection in return. He enjoys snuggling with his people on the couch and given his smaller size, he can curl up and tuck in by your side hardly taking up much couch space at all. 

Sukha has been around kids age 5 - 17 quite regularly and now in his foster home, he is enjoying the companionship of two youngsters ages 6 and 8. They love him! But given his active side (i.e., a desire to zoom around the yard), we do not recommend children under age 5.  

Sukha's favorite activity is going to the dog park to play with other dogs. He runs in big circles, as fast as he can while his buddies try to cut him off at the pass. He must wonder how he could be so lucky to have moved into a dog park!  His foster home has four dogs and one of them in particular loves to play chase!  We would love for Sukha to live with a dog close to his size who likes to play.    

As for cats, he had never lived with one until recently moving to his foster home. At the time of this update we cannot say if he is compatible; his foster mom is taking introductions slowly for his and the cat's sake. We will update his bio once we're sure we understand Sukha's thoughts on the matter.  

Sukha is house trained and crate trained (he has been left in his crate for up to 1.5 hrs when no one was home).  

If you are interested in Sukha, please submit an adoption application



CATS:  Unknown

DOGS:  Yes



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