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Timber is a 3 year old Great Weimar (Great Dane + Weimaraner) who is healthy, current on his vaccines, neutered, well socialized and eager to find a slightly calmer environment to call home. Although this lovable giant has grown up with his human mother running a daycare with anywhere from 8-14 children present, following a move to a new house Timber has decided that the little little children, under age 6 or so, are no longer as welcome to invade his space which has diminished in the new home. There has been no issue with any adult or child ever, but having a 110# dog growling, even if appropriately so, towards daycare children is simply not a good look for anyone. His very responsible owners have sought input from two trainers and both times come to the conclusion that Timber simply may no longer love the rambunctious or unpredictable nature of the littles any longer and there is not a lot which can reasonably be done to accommodate this change of heart given the environmental and work constraints of the home. Timber gets along great with all older children in addition to teens, adults, dogs and cats. This friendly guy comes: Potty trained, Hand signal trained, Leash and E-collar trained. 


OWNER statement:

Here is a little about my boy. He’s my whole heart. He’s my shadow and loves to be everywhere I am. Having always worked from home, he truly is a velcro dog. He loves to snuggle and lay his head in my lap. He loves to play and run. He’s good at fetch and loves to catch a ball. He’s pretty good on a leash but hasn’t had to be on one often. He’s good with kids, preferably over 6 as the little tiny ones make him nervous. but his favorite people are 9 and 14 years old. He’s good with other dogs and loves having a playmate to explore with. He’s even been ok with the unaltered males he’s encountered. Timber likes cats but sometimes likes to play more than my cats prefer. He knows a good amount of commands including: sit, stay, leave it, give kisses, lay down, dog out (when he comes in the kitchen), no paw (he loves to shake) load up, and more. He loves car rides but has trouble with his car legs due them being sooo long. He is crate trained. He has a large dog bed in the family room where he sleeps and will go lay down if told to go to bed. He really is a good boy.



If this handsome fella seems like a possible match for you and your pack, please submit an application below.



CATS:  Yes

DOGS:  Yes



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