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Tolkien is a 5 year old neutered Blue Long-haired Weimaraner. He is a sweet, snuggly and happy-go-lucky Weim!  He has been adored since he was a puppy and it shows.  

Tolkien loves to go on walks and is easy to handle on leash with his harness with a few reminders not to pull here and there. He enjoys car rides and would really like to get out and stretch his legs in a full run at the beach or open space!  He needs work on recall, but is e-collar trained so with some practice using “tone” and giving him treats, you will both be ready for adventures! (Note:  Prior e-collar experience is a must, alternatively people new to the tool should work with a trainer to become familiar before using the collar.) 

At home, Tolkien enjoys running around his yard and playing fetch, though he rarely returns with the ball (he just likes the interaction with his people and running around the yard with a ball or toys!).  

Tolkien is not a barker except to let you know when someone is approaching the house. He is used to free roaming the house when his people are at work and only basic dog proofing is necessary, but again, he must have his daily exercise and lots of love and attention to maintain this stellar behavior. 

At night, Tolkien sleeps in his crate but would not mind at all sharing the bed with his people - he loves to snuggle with his person. 

While Tolkien has never lived with another dog, he likes meeting them when out and about.  He's been an only dog since he was a puppy; if he is to live with another dog, a similar size female who is laid back and not pushy for attention might be the perfect match.  A meet and greet (or two) would be needed to be sure.  

This sweet boy is good with people of all ages.  He sometimes has bursts of energy and likes to do zoomies in the yard and when super excited he might jump up on adults to say "hello", so little ones need to be carefully supervised while his people fine tune the "down" command.   

Tolkien’s coat is unique; his dark gray undercoat is a shorter fur and very soft, and the fur on his sides comes in lighter and is longer - it’s as soft as puppy fur and luxurious to pet!  The lighter fur sheds in soft bundles and can be combed out as well -  he loves being com
bed!  He is also a good boy when having his paw hair trimmed with an electric trimmer.  

Tolkien is more than a pretty face, he is smart and knows many commands (sit, wait, down, dance, high five, shake and come - although “come” needs to be coupled with “treat”!).  He is very treat and attention motivated, so working with him is easy.  

We do not know how he would be with a cat or farm animals. 

If you are interested in adopting Tolkien, please submit an adoption application.  



CATS:  Unknown

DOGS:  Yes 



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