Meet Winnie!  Winnie is a beautiful blue Weimaraner who turns 3 in December and weighs just 50lbs. She has many nicknames: Win-win, Winners, Winifred, Windingo, Windini, but she does not care what you call her, she just wants to connect with you!


Winnie has been with her family of six (Mom, Dad and four kids under the age of 12) since she was 8 weeks old. She is everything the family could ever have wanted and with the training, daily exercise and love they’ve provided, she is a wonderful dog.   


Winnie is a healthy, active girl who loves going on hikes, camping, runs with the oldest boy, and  playing her version of Fetch! (which is really “keep away”).

She has always been great with the kids; they take turns giving her baths and help walk her when they are all out getting exercise. She is a loyal companion and is protective of her people when out and about and at home; she will growl and bark at a stranger she finds threatening, but listens when she’s told they are okay. Several minutes after an introduction she is comfortable with the new acquaintance. 


While Winnie has not lived with other dogs, she gets along with them once properly introduced, regardless of their size.  Her first reaction is fear but just like with strangers, given the chance to meet the dog slowly with adequate sniffs, she is fine.  We would love for Winnie to have a dog companion who is calm and confident.   

Unfortunately, this fairy tale has a glitch. Winnie has severe separation anxiety; the true meaning of a term that is often loosely assigned to dogs today.  When Winnie is separated from her people, she suffers severe anxiety and will do anything to get out of the house, yard, crate, whatever is confining her, to go find them.  

We could describe her level of anxiety and what Winnie will do to try to escape and find her people, but suffice it to say we are looking for a home where someone is with her 24/7, be that at home or out and about in the car; she is good left in the car for a reasonable period - she does not attempt to chew her way out. 

Winnie's owners have done everything recommended by their vet and other sources to reduce her anxiety while they are at work, but there has been little improvement.  Medications helped some but they felt she became too loopy, and while a dog companion on loan from a family member definitely made a difference, she did not stay calm the whole day.  

When someone is home with Winnie, she is perfect. She does not counter surf, is never destructive, stays off certain pieces of furniture, and she would never dream of digging under or trying to jump over the fence or chewing on anything that does not belong to her. 

Cats?  She’s never met one.  She was indifferent to farm animals at a relative’s home but otherwise it would be a matter of a slow and careful introduction with no guarantee her innate prey drive would not kick in if the cat ran.  

Winnie is in good health with no issues to report. She is spayed, micro-chipped and current on her rabies vaccine.  

If you would enjoy having a constant companion as wonderful as Winnie, please fill out an application. 



CATS:  Unknown

DOGS:  Yes



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