If you live in Oregon, Washington or Idaho and wish to support Oregon Weimaraner Rescue by adding your information to our volunteer database (the place we turn to for support when a need arises), please follow the blue 'Volunteer Waiver' link below after reading our areas of need. 



You supply the shelter, love, understanding, food and day to day care, we supply the rest.

The rescue pays and makes all decisions related to any medical care. Reliable foster homes are the lifeblood of this organization.


You have a suitable vehicle and the occasional desire to drive a rescue weim from one locale to another? This role is for you.

Home Inspection

When called upon you go visit a potential adopter's residence to confirm the things we have been told in the application. Home inspections are non-confrontational and the notes are only shared with our adoption facilitator so they can make an informed decision regarding appropriate placement.


Good photos can literally make all the difference in the world in generating interest in a weim when we post them for adoption. If you have any skill in this arena, please please please consider helping us out.

The above 'Volunteer Waiver' must be submitted by all persons intending to volunteer for

Oregon Weimaraner Rescue in any capacity. We do not offer training in the safe handling of any animals,

you must rely upon your own skills, experience and good judgement during any and all activities performed in support of Oregon Weimaraner Rescue.