We are an all volunteer 501(c)3 organization, dedicating time outside of work and family to help Weimaraners in need.
Although countless volunteers are being utilized across Oregon, Washington and Idaho at any given time, no volunteer is able to speak for, or on behalf of, Oregon Weimaraner Rescue. All oversight responsibilities are carried out by the Board of Directors listed below.
If you are attempting to engage our organization for any purpose, please ensure that you have either:
Contacted us via the information provided on this website
(info@oregonweimrescue.org being the predominant method)
Are dealing directly with one of the following Directors:
President - Garrett Abbott - Portland, OR
Treasurer - Kathy Lund - Spokane, WA
Secretary - Dana Giese - Port Angeles, WA
At-large - Kristen Beauchamp - Portland, OR
as of 11/2019

© 2020 Oregon Weimaraner Rescue

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