Surrendering Your Weimaraner

Although our focus is on serving the Weimaraner breed we can, and frequently do,

assist Weim mixes and other high energy hunting breeds across all of 

Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

If you need to explore re-homing your Weimaraner, please visit the link below:

(there is no cost for this service)


Shortly after completion, a representative of Oregon Weimaraner Rescue will make contact.

The basic re-homing process:

  1. You complete a digital Rescue Resumé​ so we may get a complete picture of the dog to be re-homed
    *(if an interim foster is needed, we will locate one)

  2. You submit a selection of photographs of the dog

  3. We write and publish a biography of the dog

  4. We receive digital applications which are sorted based on their suitability for the specific dog in question

  5. We contact the most suitable theoretical applicant to discuss their suitability further

  6. We schedule a meet and greet with the dog is arranged at or near to where the dog currently resides

  7. We perform a home inspection

  8. You sign a release of ownership form assigning the rescue as the new ownership interest

  9. An extensive adoption contract with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue is signed whereby the rescue retains a right of inspection and reclamation for the entirety of the dogs life with the new owner(s)​​

  10. The dog is re-homed

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at