Surrendering Your Weimaraner

If you are in need of re-homing your Weimaraner, please visit the link below



Upon completion, a representative of Oregon Weimaraner Rescue will make contact 

as soon as we are able.


The basic re-homing process:

1- Complete a digital Rescue Resume​ so we can get a complete picture of the Weim to be re-homed

*(if an interim foster is needed, we will locate one)

2- Submit a selection of photographs of the dog for use in advertising them

3- Oregon Weimaraner Rescue writes and publishes a biography of the dog

4- Digital applications are submitted and sorted based on their suitability for the specific dog in question

5- The most suitable applicant is contacted and a meet and greet with the Weim is arranged

6- A home inspection is performed

7- An extensive adoption contract with Oregon Weimaraner Rescue is signed

8- The Weimaraner is re-homed

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at

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