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How To Adopt

Please read through the adoption notes below before completing an

online adoption application.  We will get back to the most suitable candidate(s) as soon as possible and will update all applicants when the process is complete. 

Already have an application on file?

Simply send an email telling us you are interested in a particular dog:

(include your basic contact details so we can locate your file)

Basics for being a responsible Weimaraner owner:

  • A lifestyle that allows you to spend a lot of time with your dog

  • A home that you feel comfortable letting a dog live inside with you

  • A fully fenced, dog proof yard of reasonable size (no fence = no dog 90% of the time)

  • Access to inside heated and dry shelter in the winter

  • Access to a cool place in the summer

  • A budget that can afford quality dog food and an occasional vet emergency

  • A budget that can afford working with a trainer if necessary

  • A vehicle that you can safely use to transport your dog


  • Any person being considered to adopt a dog must be able to physically meet that dog prior to adoption

  • We do not place dogs that are not spayed or neutered (some caveats apply)

  • We do not place dogs in homes where they will be living outdoors

  • We do not place dogs in homes where they are expected to live in a dog house, chained or in a kennel

  • We do not place dogs in homes with un-fenced yards (very few exceptions apply). An invisible fence may be  considered.

  • We audition applicants for dogs, not dogs for applicants.

***It is our mission to find the best overall home for each dog in our care. Sometimes this means good homes will lose out on a dog to a home that better suits the needs of the specific dog being rehomed.***


  • We accept applications for a specific dog until we feel there is an adequate pool to review

  • Applications are read and sorted on their potential suitability to meet the specific needs of the dog in question (we want success for the dog)

***Our review is based ENTIRELY upon the information you provide in your application. PLEASE BE THOROUGH!***

  • The applicants that represent the best fit(s) for the dog are contacted for a phone interview

  • An in-person meet and greet is scheduled between the applicant, any existing dogs in the home, and the adoptive dog
    ***We do not transport dogs to adopters; meet and greets occur where the dog is living at the time.*** 

  • A home inspection is performed to verify what was shared in the application is accurate and true

  • A 'Placement Contract' (inclusive of fee) is signed prior to taking ownership

Adoption Fee:

All dogs have an associated $400 adoption fee unless otherwise noted or arranged 

This fee helps cover vet care such as wellness checks, spays/neuters, biopsies, teeth cleaning, training and much more.

 If you submit an adoption application without listing a specific dog for whom you would like to be considered, you MUST email us when a dog is listed for whom you would like to be considered.

We do not search and pull applications on file unless directed to do so! 

By submitting the above form you agree and understand that Oregon Weimaraner Rescue, its agents, volunteers, or representatives may make contact with you to collect follow up details or provide information related to our organization.

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