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Meet Hershey! 

Hershey is a handsome, goofy, happy, sweet approximately 1.5 y/o male Weimaraner. He LOVES to be loved and will lean his tall 100lb. body into you for affection and melt your heart.  He is a big boy and likely had something like Great Dane introduced to his bloodline at some point. Basically, he's a big hound with all the lovable Weimaraner traits and where ever he lands he will make his people incredibly happy and warm their hearts.  

Mr. Hershey is kind of amazing, he is good with cats, chickens, children, dogs of all sizes and people of all ages.

While he’s really good with children (loves them!!), he is a big boy (did we say that already?), and we recommend those living in the home be sturdy on their feet and that the littles be supervised when with him. He's incredibly sweet with children and has gotten really good about watching his step around the 4 year old he is living with, but he does like to be in close proximity to everyone and whatever is going on. ❤️

Hershey likes dogs of all sizes and is very good about adjusting his play level to match the other dog’s. Hershey has a great time playing tug-of-war with a Boston Terrier who truly believes he is as big as Hershey! The Boston hangs on tightly as Hershey swings him around - haha! Hershey does have a deep bark that he uses when he wants to play with another dog and that along with his size could intimidate a more timid dog at first. 

Hershey has not been crate tested, but happily sleeps in a spare bedroom with another dog with the door closed; this is necessary because there are several dogs in the home and one of them is not keen on Hershey’s presence. When Hershey first arrived, the dog growled at him and he responded calmly by walking away in search of another dog or person with whom he could socialize.  He is such a good boy! 

When left in the house with his dog buddies, he does not get into mischief.  His foster mom says as long as he has "his toys" he leaves the kids' toys alone, even when no one is home. 

Hershey’s favorite game is Fetch!  When you have time, he is ready to play! He is so in love with balls that when his foster Mom was cooking with lemons he thought she was going to throw one to him - when she didn’t, he laid down and whined. He’s a silly guy and kind of in his own happy world learning what is what. 

Hershey enjoys car rides and walks well on leash. He is a big boy and we've not seen what it's like to walk him should he get excited about meeting another dog. Fortunately, Hershey likes to please and learns quickly, and he loves food, so obedience/leash training will be a fun and rewarding activity with him! 

Hershey is a Gentle Giant in many ways. While we rarely venture a guess as to a rescue dog's past, but we believe he is telling us he wasn't treated well.  If a very stern, perhaps angry voice is directed at him for say taking something that isn't his, he will cower and shake.  He will come back to his affable happy self with TLC, but he does not do well with anger being directed at him.  He does do well with a calm but uncompromising voice letting him know what you expect and responds with wiggle butt when he's told he is a good boy!! 

We adore Hershey and it is important to us to find a home for him where he is a big part of his people's lives and will get lots of attention. Having children who treat him with a gentle kindness and a dog buddy in the home would be a big plus. We will consider a home without a dog companion if a family member is home a lot.  Hershey's new home should have a fenced yard and a good supply of balls for playing Fetch! 

Hershey is current on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. 

If you are interested in adopting Hershey, please submit an adoption application. If we have an application from you on file already, you can send an email to tell us you are interested in Hershey -


CHILDREN:  Yes (see bio)

CATS:  Yes

DOGS:  Yes



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