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Hi! My name is Jasper.  I’m an old man in a young Weim body (I’m only 3.5 ;-)). I am a couch potato and love to lay around with my person. I also love going to “ work”, just say the word and I get really excited -  if you work from home I’ll just lay at your feet all day.

I do best in the place I feel safe, which for me is in my home with my person. But I’m anxious at home sometimes too because I am living with a Chihuahua who is not nice to me.  He was here when I moved in as a puppy and let me know how he felt by biting my ears. Now he barks at me and follows me around to pee wherever I pee.  It's hard to relax with all that going on. So moving to a new, quiet home with no other dogs sounds nice.  

I don’t get out much but would love to!  Mom is not comfortable walking me on leash because I get nervous when I see other dogs (do you blame me?) She says I am too strong for her if I try to pull. But I really like getting exercise! So if you would like to spend time with me going out on long walks and getting me used to being in new places, I would love that! I need someone patient and kind who will take the time to work through my anxieties and love me for the very sweet, sensitive guy I am. 

Right now I live with kids over age 10 and I like them, but I really would rather live in a quieter home without all the noise and chaos. 

I’m super smart and love to please. If I know you don’t want me to do something I will try my hardest. I’m a notorious counter surfer though…we all have our vices.

What else … I like going on car rides.  I hate having my feet touched.  I’m crate trained but don’t love the crate - Mom puts me in my crate when she runs errands because I will steal food that’s left out (but I leave everything else alone ;)). I am adorable and loving and will try very hard to steal your heart. I am also current on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. 

Please let these folks know if you would like to meet me by filling out an adoption application.  



CATS: Unknown. Chickens are okay so maybe cats are too.

DOGS:  No unless it's a calm female Weim and Jasper connects with her.  



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